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About us:

We are four member band of professional musicians, who above all enjoy to play and who will be glad to support the splendid atmosphere at your corporate event, private party, wedding or prom. We insist on professional attitude, 100% live performance, good song-selection, and the best possible enterpretation of the selected cover-versions of the world famous hit songs.


What do we offer:

Fine entertainment, which we gladly-along with you-create at your very party...

Professional attitude...



repertoire: world famous cover-versions from 50's till present

band variants: 4 member band, duo, trio

usual performance time: 3x45 min (for very special requirements we can enlarge even to 5x45 min)

band contains: vocal, piano, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums

Video preview of the performance - this you can have at your event...



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